go through "Slavoj Zizek: Routledge Critical Thinkers" by Tony Myers and transfer relevant contents here

same for Zizek: A Reader's Guide - Kelsey Wood

a self-summary by zizek:

of lacan's 3 or 4 periods, zizek bases himself mostly on the third

(lacan's 3 periods: Imaginary/phenomenological, Symbolic/structuralist, Real) [the fourth? Sinthome/knot theory?]


Lacan and Hegel

fantasy is part of reality itself, both as (causal) Real and imaginary constituted reality

is including illusion as part of reality postmodern or anti-postmodern?

Zizek on:



key zizek articles:

http://www.lacan.com/zizlacan1.htm Lacan: at What Point is He Hegelian?

http://www.lacan.com/zizlacan2.htm The Most Sublime of Hysterics: Hegel with Lacan

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