Interpreting Spinoza's Arguments - Toward A Formal Theory of Consistent Language Scepticism Imitating Ethica - K. Hvidtfelt Nielsen

Markus Aenishänslin - Le Tractatus de Wittgenstein et l’ Éthique de Spinoza: Étude de Comparaison Structurale

lacan's interpretation of spinoza versus deleuze's? various 20th c. french interpretations of spinoza generally?

Knox Peden - Spinoza Contra Phenomenology: French Rationalism from Cavaillès to Deleuze (Cultural Memory in the Present)

Diagrammatic Immanence: Category Theory and Philosophy - Rocco Gangle

includes discussions of spinoza, peirce, and deleuze

Eckart Förster, Yitzhak Y. Melamed, (eds.) - Spinoza and German Idealism

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