Philosophy Of Physics

E. A. Burtt - The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science

Ernst Cassirer, E. A. Burtt, E. J. Dijksterhuis, Alexandre Koyré, Thomas Kuhn, Paul Feyerabend

Tim Maudlin

New Foundations for Physical Geometry: The Theory of Linear Structures - Tim Maudlin

Quantum Mechanics and Experience - David Z. Albert

Christopher Hitchcock - Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Science

Wolfgang Stegmüller - The Structure and Dynamics of Theories

Trick or Truth?: The Mysterious Connection Between Physics and Mathematics - Anthony Aguirre, Brendan Foster, Zeeya Merali (Editors)

Foundations and Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: In the Light of a Critical-Historical Analysis of the Problems… - Gennaro Auletta and Giorgio Parisi

Graziano Ranocchia, Christoph Helmig, Christoph Horn (Eds.) - Space in Hellenistic Philosophy: Critical Studies in Ancient Physics

Huw Price, Richard Corry - Causation, Physics, and the Constitution of Reality: Russell's Republic Revisited

Huw Price - Time's Arrow and Archimedes' Point: New Directions for the Physics of Time

Dr. Shahn Majid, John Polkinghorne, Roger Penrose, Andrew Taylor, Alain Connes, Michael Heller - On Space and Time

Gérard G. Emch - Mathematical and Conceptual Foundations of 20th-Century Physics (North-Holland mathematics studies 100)

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