The Oxford Companion to Philosophy (Oxford Companions) - Ted Honderich

Robert Audi - The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy refute and correct this as a critical thinking exercise

Re-Engineering Philosophy for Limited Beings: Piecewise Approximations to Reality - William C. Wimsatt

Timothy Williamson - The Philosophy of Philosophy

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in what sense are some philosophers just eclectic "scientists" (in the broad sense of empirical/positivist), probably a lot of anglo-american and analytic philosophy fits this conception, especially of the naturalistic sort.

Tulane Studies in Philosophy (Series)

"He who possesses the highest knowledge with respect to one or another genus must be able to express the most certain principles of the relevant subject, so that he, who treats about Beings in so far as they are Beings, should be able to express the most certain principles of all things. This is the philosopher."

- Aristotle, Metaphysica, Gamma 3, 1005b8-11

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"According to Socrates, no one errs intentionally. This means that whenever we do something wrongincluding something that is morally wrongit is out of ignorance rather than out of evil. Was he correct?"


Philosophy Of Mind

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