Herbert Busemann - The geometry of geodesics

Herbert Busemann, Paul J. Kelly - Projective geometry and projective metrics

Herbert Busemann - Recent Synthetic Differential Geometry

Herbert Busemann, B. B. Phadke - Spaces With Distinguished Geodesics

Herbert Busemann - Metric methods in Finsler spaces and in the foundations of geometry

William H. McCrea - Analytical geometry of three dimensions [2nd rev. ed., Dover ed] The masterpieces of John Forbes Nash Jr. - Camillo De Lellis HESSIAN OF BUSEMANN FUNCTIONS AND RANK OF HADAMARD MANIFOLDS - MITSUHIRO ITOH, SINWHI KIM, JEONGHYEONG PARK, AND HIROYASU SATOH

Classification of Algebraic Manifolds - Kenji Ueno

Introduction to the Theory of Schemes - Yuri I. Manin, Dimitry Leites

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