Philosophy Dialectics Dialectical Materialism

Hegel's dialectic develops from Kant's antinomies of reason.

left hegelians and right hegelians
relationship with marx
the hermetic hegel
the atheist hegel
the naturalist hegel

Dieter Henrich - Between Kant and Hegel




hegel as scholastic versus hegel's transcendence of scholasticism? (does hegel reneg on descartes' and kant's partial refutations of scholasticism? or does he just do them one better and continue with the unrefuted questions, with tighter logical rigor)

althusser in for marx says that hegel doesnt need to be turned on his head, as his dialectic is already materialist

Frederick Beiser - Hegel (The Routledge Philosophers)

James Kreines - Reason in the World: Hegel's Metaphysics and Its Philosophical Appeal

Brady Bowman - Hegel and the Metaphysics of Absolute Negativity (Modern European Philosophy)

Angelica Nuzzo - Hegel and the Analytic Tradition (Continuum Studies in Philosophy)

Paul Redding - Analytic Philosophy and the Return of Hegelian Thought (Modern European Philosophy)

Tom Rockmore - Hegel, Idealism, and Analytic Philosophy

Real Process: How Logic And Chemistry Combine In Hegel's Philosophy Of Nature - John W. Burbidge

Hegel on Logic and Religion: The Reasonableness of Christianity (Suny Series in Hegelian Studies) - John W. Burbidge

The Logic of Hegel's 'Logic': An Introduction - John W. Burbidge

Robert Stern - Hegelian Metaphysics

Constantin Noica - Becoming within Being (Marquette Studies in Philosophy)

Slavoj Zizek and Dialectical Materialism - edited by Agon Hamza and Frank Ruda

Stephen Houlgate - The Opening of Hegel's Logic: From Being to Infinity (History of Philosophy Series)

Hegel’s Relation to Kant, Stephen Houlgate (from "The Opening of Hegel's Logic")


Critical Readings of Hegel:

Hegel and the Third World: The Making of Eurocentrism in World History - Teshale Tibebu

Feminist Interpretations of G. W. F. Hegel - Patricia Jagentowicz Mills (Editor)

russell's: https://ncatlab.org/nlab/show/Logic+as+the+Essence+of+Philosophy

Hegelian Concepts



influential in Phenomenology, see especially, sartre, lacan, derrida, levinas, jean-luc marion

Master-Slave Dialectic


Hegel's Philosophy of Spirit - Peter Stillman (editor)

Kojève's reading of Hegel


kojeve versus hyppolite?

kojeve and sartre?

criticism of kojeve? (see Robert R. Williams - Hegel's Ethics of Recognition)

Hegel in 20th Century French Philosophy

http://cosmosandhistory.org/index.php/journal/issue/view/5 Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy. Vol 3, No 2-3 (2007) - The Spirit of the Age: Hegel and the Fate of Thinking

http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/00071773.2016.1139930 Hegelian Identity - Ioannis Trisokkasa

http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-94-009-8462-2_6#page-1 J. LAMBEK - THE INFLUENCE OF HERACLITUS ON MODERN MATHEMATICS

https://www.blogger.com/profile/04650068892347220493 david gordon bain - hegel's hotel (not recommended)






David Gray Carlson - A Commentary on Hegel's Science of Logic

Ioannis Trisokkas - Pyrrhonian Scepticism and Hegel’s Theory of Judgement: A Treatise on the Possibility of Scientific Inquiry (Critical Studies in German Idealism 8)

Howard Kainz - Paradox, Dialectic, and System: A Contemporary Reconstruction of the Hegelian Problematic

Thomas Sören Hoffmann, David Healan - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: A Propaedeutic (Critical Studies in German Idealism 14)

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