Deleuze conceived of philosophy as the production of concepts, and he characterized himself as a “pure metaphysician.”

syntheses of habit, or "contractions". passive synthesis (see husserl?)

badiou's deleuze, zizek's deleuze, lautman, zalamea, etc

spinoza schelling nietzsche bergson


literary figures? kafka, henry miller, etc

as spinozist

as nietzschean

"The key to explaining Deleuze, like the key to Deleuze's philosophy itself, remains in the examples" - a reviewer on amazon

is "is desire or lack primary" an adequate characterization of deleuze's critique of lacan? are lacan and deleuze compatible? see Zizek, Deleuze, Lacan

how does Deleuze try to move "beyond" dialectics? is he successful? see Deleuze and Hegel Reviews of Levi R. Bryant. Difference and Giveness: Deleuze’s Transcendental Empiricism and the Ontology of Immanence (2008)

John Rajchman - The Deleuze Connections

a very poor and superficial reading of deleuze

stirner and deleuze, bypassing nietzsche? [kierkegaard and deleuze?]

a critique of a certain caricature of deleuze, is not complexity theory the opposite of immanence, where phenomenology's immanence reflects the negative in the mathematical sublime? is negation not immanent as well? as topology shows with it's theory of holes? see both heidegger and lacan

Sean Bowden - Priority of events: Deleuze's Logic of sense (Plateaus - New Directions in Deleuze Studies)

Deleuze and Pragmatism - Simone Bignall, Sean Bowden, Paul Patton (editors)

deleuze and solomon maimon? maimon and schelling?

Major Works

Difference and Repetition

Logic of Sense


A Thousand Plateaus


Transcendental Empiricism What does Deleuze call 'transcendental empiricism'? - Jon Roffe

Analytic and Transcendental Empiricism: Russell, Merleau-Ponty, and Deleuze - Henry Somers-Hall

Deleuze's relationships to other philosophers and disciplines

Deleuze and Psychoanalysis

Leen De Bolle (Editor) - Deleuze and Psychoanalysis: Philosophical Essays on Delueze's Debate with Psychoanalysis (Figures of the Unconscious 9)

Edward P. Kazarian - The science of events: Deleuze and psychoanalysis

Kathryn M. Blake - A Contemporary Feminist Critique of Psychoanalysis Through Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari

Rockwell F. Clancy - Towards a Political Anthropology in the Work of Gilles Deleuze: Psychoanalysis and Anglo-American Literature

Joan Broadhurst - Deleuze and the Transcendental Unconscious

Christian Kerslake - Deleuze And the Unconscious (Continuum Studies in Continental Philosophy)

Deleuze and Hegel

Henry Somers-hall - Hegel, Deleuze, and the Critique of Representation: Dialectics of Negation and Difference (Suny Series, Intersections: Philosophy and Critical Theory)

Christopher Groves - Hegel and Deleuze: Immanence and Otherness

Regina M. Schwartz - The descent of transcendence into immanence, or, Deleuze as a Hegelian

Deleuze and Heidegger

Brent Adkins - Death and Desire in Hegel, Heidegger and Deleuze

Deleuze and Phenomenology

Home and Beyond: Generative Phenomenology after Husserl (Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy) by Anthony J. Steinbock

Analyses Concerning Passive and Active Synthesis: Lectures on Transcendental Logic - Edmund Husserl

Joe Hughes - Deleuze and the Genesis of Representation (Continuum Studies in Continental Philosophy)

Deleuze on Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews Todd May, Gilles Deleuze: An Introduction. reviewed by Keith Ansell Pearson.

Deleuzian Authors

Daniel W. Smith

Keith Ansell Pearson

Todd May

John Rajchman (questionable)

Deleuze on


Ph.D. Theses on Deleuze

Daniel Warren Smith Gilles Deleuze and the philosophy of difference: toward a transcendental empiricism. Thesis (Ph. D.)—University of Chicago, Dept. of Philosophy, March 1997.

Online Articles on Deleuze Hume en Deleuze: los primeros lineamientos del empirismo trascendental - Julien Canavera What does Deleuze call 'transcendental empiricism'? - Jon Roffe

Hegel and Deleuze on the Metaphysical Interpretation of the Calculus - Henry Somers-Hall

Deleuze and Analytic Philosophy by Jeffrey A. Bell


Miscellaneous Thoughts

compare naess' Ecosophy T and self-realization of organisms, with deleuze's/simondon's individuation, and yogic self-realization in eastern/world philosophy

peirce's triad in deleuze and guattari, as well as deleuze's problematic view of mathematics, are perhaps instances of lacan's logical time

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