what does set theory as ontology really mean? the presentation of a multiplicity as a set? set theory as a theory of ontological intelligibility? why is this ontology, not epistemology?

badiou vs deleuze

badiou vs zizek

badiou's divergences with lacan

badiou's debates with miller

"It is well-known that Badiou’s philosophical system has been elaborated in a constant dialogue with, and struggle against, Heidegger’s philosophy."

badiou versus imiaslavie?

possibly related?

evaluate? legitimate or fluff?

find out sartre's supposed influence on badiou (see lucca fraser's thesis) [wikipedia lists "sartre" under badiou's influences] Eleven Theses on the State of New Music - Michael Pisaro

These theses take as their starting point my response to a talk French philosopher Alain
Badiou gave at the California Institute of the Arts (and elsewhere) in December of 2003.
Badiou’s lecture was titled “Fifteen Theses on Contemporary Art.

Criticisms of Badiou

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