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Calvinist theology expects divine reconciliation from God so it has to naturalize the world by seeing it as a product of divine grace. This is because, like Luther, they believe human action is predestined. But if human action is predestined, why would God punish you? The Calvinist answer is; where's the punishment? I only see grace. Luthers answer is a total despair; let God be God.

“Without despair there will never be salvation. Luther himself describes this experience as follows: “I myself was offended more than once, and brought to the very depth and abyss of despair, so that I wished I had never been created a man, before I realized how salutary that despair was and how near to grace. … belief is radically nonobjective, and there are never good reasons for it. …
True faith begins by believing in something that has no objective grounding, by assuming the worst, by experiencing anxiety, and by having the insight that there is nothing we can cling to.” - Frank Ruda, Abolishing Freedom.

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