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"The full MS 514, however, wanders into digressions on subjects ranging from anomalies in the orbit of Mercury to a criticism of Laplace’s theory of probability."

The Iconic Logic of Peirce's Graphs - Sun-Joo Shin

Philosophical mania is also a prominent feature. Monomania over the study of strange and abstract things, occult things; things that are beyond knowledge; studying different things without any basis to figure upon; dwelling upon strange and peculiar things

THE RAGGED PHILOSOPHER." The Sulphur scholar, the inventor, works day and night in threadbare clothes and battered hat; he has long, uncut hair and a dirty face; his study is uncleanly, it is untidy; books and leaves of books are piled up indiscriminately; there is no order. It seems that Sulphur produces this state of disorder, a state of untidiness, a state of uncleanliness, a state of "don't care how things go", and a state of selfishness


Wow. Rest In Peace Dr Persinger. I’m still in the process of reading his colleague Todd Murphy’s book, Sacred Pathways, which is based on Persinger’s work.




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